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Adventure at Your Fingertips



How It Started

We started writing stories originally as just a passion project, though soon we decided that since we already have so many stories and plans for future ones, why not share the with the world? Shortly we following that we published a book known as Abnormal London which is our first official release. We release a book every year, and in the future plan to release multiple per year once the team grows large enough to work on multiple projects. If you want to join us simply send an email to the official Schelix company and we will get back to you.


April 17, 2022

Abnormal London is a collection of short stories all based in London as the title would imply. It is meant to take a look at how a switch in genre or characters can completely change ones perspective on the location. All the stories in this book are linked so even after you finish it you can have some fun and go back and find those threads.


“The turn of every page takes you on a story across the great sea of imagination.”

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